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Don't Take Our Word For It, Here Is What President Trump Had To Say!

"From the standpoint of The American Spectator, it's an amazing group of people and shows you what you can do if you let this great country go. If you unleash the spirit and the brain of everyone in this country."

- Donald Trump

"The American Spectator is a tremendous magazine, a tremendous website, which has been around almost as long as the National Review, The American Spectator has stayed true to the principle through all of it, largely due to the leadership there by Bob Tyrrell and Wlady, I would suggest that you bookmark it." 

- Mark Levin

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Still Not Convinced? Don't Miss Out On Exclusive Content From Conservative Giants Like Ben Stein!

Ben Stein

He has written or co-written roughly 30 books, many of them are best sellers. "Yes, You Can Time The Market" has become a landmark of using price theory for securities market analysis.

He was a speech writer for Presidents Nixon and Ford, and a columnist and editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal.

Presently, he writes a column for The American Spectator and for NewsMax, and is a regular commentator on Fox News and on CBS Sunday Morning, as well as a frequent commentator on CNN.

Jeffery Lord

Jeffrey Lord is an American author, and political strategist in Pennsylvania.

He served as an associate political director in the administration of former United States President Ronald Reagan.

CNN tried to cancel him (we know they're biased), so The American Spectator brought him on as a thought leader and writer for their news outlet. 

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